Pelikan, Souveran M805 Ocean Swirl, RollerBall, 806046


        Key Features

  • The limited production, oversized 805 fountain pen, capped rollerball and twist ball pen offer a new finish that is crafted in a unique material that gives a truly spectacular look on each Ocean Swirl writing instrument
  • Exposure to light further enhances the surface appearance adding sparkle and depth; alternating bright and dark patterns mimic the sun radiating on the deep blue sea making each writing instrument truly unique
  • The Ocean Swirl pen body is accented with silvery palladium-plated rings and ‘beak’ clip.
  • The exceptional 805 fountain pen has the brand’s patented differential piston filler
  • It’s equipped with Pelikan’s finest rhodium-plated, 18K gold nib offered in four point widths to match your preferred writing style.
  • 806046